Last year I came up with a plan. In March of 2020 I was supposed to take my first steps of that plan, but then as everyone on the planet knows, COVID-19 happened and changed the world. In response to that, I’m recreating both myself and my plan, and travelling down the road less followed by becoming my own boss.

Several months ago, I told a girl friend about what I was thinking, and her reply was, “that sounds absolutely perfect for you!” And I have to agree. This isn’t the first time I’ve considered creating my role as a virtual solutions provider. In fact I’ve done online work dating back about 20 years in the form of website design. Back when the only options were either GeoCities or learning how to hand code HTML. I started off with option A, and quickly realized how much I hated it. Then I had a look at the HTML code, and that opened up another universe to me, one in which I ate, slept and breathed code.

My daughter and I this morning on her 25th birthday
My daughter and I.

In the early years I was raising my children. In fact today is my daughter’s 25th birthday! My son is now 17. My not-so-little’s anymore, though my babies forever. Professionally, much of my life has been spent in an office in administrative and customer service roles so I am thrilled to bring my experience and expertise online to you, during this time of shifting employment and business practices. This pandemic has knocked the wind out of a lot of sails, but it’s time to focus on moving forward even in an unknown environment. We don’t only need to think outside the box, often we’re going to have to reinvent the entire box, and possibly the wheel too!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your business, maybe because you’re trying to do it all.. run your business from home while entertaining your children, or maybe you’ve had to let go of staff due to financial constraints, I can help. With me, you’re only paying for the hours you need help, without paying any of the extra costs for hiring on a permanent employee. I am a virtual subcontractor who can help take a load off your shoulders!

I look forward to working with you!

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